31 December 2008

The Ending Of My 2008 Chapter

How I hope I can stop the time...
How I wish I can stay here forever...
How I want my 2008 to last longer....

It is New Year eve now. It means there will be only a few hours left before 2008 leaves us. There is a kind of complicated feeling deep inside my heart - happy as I am going to create another new chapter in my life but sad to end my current chapter.


Honestly, I love my life in 2008 and it has been a really excellence year for both me and my blog. Yes. I am seriously loving my 2008 year. There have been lot of ups and downs which have added life into my canvas - beautiful yet touching art.

In case you might be wondering if there is any difference between my Curryegg's blog and my real self. Seriously, there isn't any big difference because whatever I feel, think and behave in real life are being shared here, using words, photos, music and video clips. The only different thing is my blog is more popular compare to my real self. Sob.. that's is saddening.

I was not a very socialize person before this as I was more into introvert type. Well, not now anymore. Ever since I've stepped into the life of university as well as the blogosphere, my life is different now. I start making new friends, enjoying my life and share my experience in the media.

Oh my. That is so fun!

Talking about people and media, I have come across with many people who know my blog more than myself. I guess my blog have a beautiful header? Or should I say the name which I am using right now in blogosphere is eye-catching and people would rather remember the name Curryegg rather than Kelly - I guess Kelly is too common?


Whatever it is, I am going to enjoy my New Year eve as much as I can.
This is the time for me to refresh back whatever I had done through out the whole year. At the same time, I should start planning for my coming 2009 - make a complete to-do-list?

How about you? Any plan you are going to make?