10 December 2008

Great Time In Pavilion

Great time in Pavilion?
I thought you just said the place is suck???

I mean the Xmas Tree, not the place. Lolx..
(Again, I purposely use the word 'Xmas' tree for its uniqueness)

Yes. I have heard quite a number of comments from my readers over the Pavilion's Xmas tree. Some agree it does look unattractive while the other disagree and think it is beautiful. Eiiks... Beautiful? I rather accept the answer as extra-ordinary or unique. HAha.. Yes. It is indeed very unique and has caught lot of attention. I think this is the main reason behind the tree, am I right?


Last Friday, May and I went to Pavilion and saw an interesting scene. Guess what? The circus was coming to town! Oopss.. Did I just say circus? Haha.. I guess I miss Britney Spears. Lolx..

There was a group of entertainers including the beautiful models, crown, magician and hot guards! Haha... Fortunate enough, we managed to take a few photos with them. It must be our lucky day!

They are beautiful, aren't they?
Wish to dress like them for photo shooting.. lolx..

On that same day, the Hong Kong artists will be there at 8pm and May and I were like.. "Wow! Should we wait for them?"

But we didn't.
Because both of us are afraid of big crowd. We don't want to be sandwich nor burger.

So far, I like the design in Pavilion - luxurious..

Again, not the tree..

So far, we girls enjoy the Christmas decoration. But just a very small part of it. Sad...

I shall move to other shopping mall and look for the best decoration in this year of 2008. I want something ... em.. I don't know.. something snowy? christmasy?

Any nomination?