05 July 2009

Old Days Gone, New Days Coming

In another 24 hours, I know my life is going to change - again. I will no longer able to online till late at night (or till dawn time), no more sleeping till the sun ray burn my back, lesser outdoor activity including travel and no more... emm... no more.... Whatelse?

Anyway, there is one thing I am sure it will happen again is my student life story will be up in this blog again because my new semester will begin starting by next Monday (Tomorrow). Honestly, I can't wait to go back to my campus. I miss my coursemates, lecturers and assignments. Wait! Assignments? No no. Just, my lifestyle will have to change again and I will have to give serious attention into it.

I want to be a counselor, remember?

Thus, you will have to expect more Psychology and Counseling related posts though some of you might find it boring. Some of you might find it boring while some of you might be eagerly waiting for it. No matter what, I know I will enjoy blogging about them - if I want to.

So, before those boring or exciting posts ruling my blog again, I will finish up my Hainan trip posts just before the busy days start. I have been procrastinating a lot due to my busy schedule in this whole week. You know how it feels when assignments, projects and classes filling all your time. That's why, I am spending quality time every single day in this whole week with shopping, screening, playing games, eating, sport and chit chatting...

Post from my grandpa's hometown in Hainan will be up.
Believe me, it will be a fun reading post!

HaPpy SUndaY!!