15 May 2011


I was greeted with a “Good morning Kelly. Are you going to sleep or just wake up?" message from a friend, Kiang Wei.


Then only I realize that it is already 6.00am in the morning and I have yet to sleep. Well, I did take an hour of nap in between of the long waking hours. Surprisingly, I don’t feel sleepy at all. I guess my yesterday full, sweet ‘marathon sleeps’ had helped me to stay awake now with fresh mind. Thank God =D


Shy to say that I am actually still editing my thesis work. I’ve been trying to progress as fast as I can, but then… the work is not reaching the ‘average level’ =((


Anyway, it is going to end very soon! Can’t wait to return all the library books, clean my messy room and stay out my butt from the house! Yay!


While working over the night, I am so deeply in love with this song ‘Someday’ by IU. It companies me during my thesis writing. I am gonna share it right here and make you feel deeply in love like I do =D



IU voice is so melodious and angelic. Love this song so so much though I don’t really understand… =P


And someday, I want my future prince charming to bring an umbrella, give me candy, hold my hand and secretly kiss me like Woo Young does. Haha.. It is so fantasy but me like.. *shy*


Right after all these crazy work, I am going to get this Korean drama from a friend and watch till kao kao. High school love is always pure and innocent. That has reminded me of someone who used to knock my head and pull my ponny tail. Wait, there were 3 of them! =_=


Alright, hope you enjoy this song too. Time to sleep. Good night for me and good morning to you ^^