15 September 2011

Love Comes When You’re Ready

I was touched listening to my friend’s latest update last night, about her new love journey with a potential guy.


She cheerfully said,
“Kelly, I am really happy. Really.”


Well, I am not just happy because of her discovery of new love story, but also to be able to see her smile and getting excited again for love and life. There is nothing happier than knowing my friend is enjoying her life and counting blessing each day. That’s such a wonderful news!


It reminds me of my own experiences on the decision of finding my own happiness again, not just solely focusing on the search of Mr. Right of course. Before Mr. Right, you have to be Mrs Right, meaning that you have to focus and nurture your own needs first before giving your attention to others. (Related post: Experiences Are The Best Teacher)


That explains in Abraham Maslow’s Theory on his Maslow Hierarchy of Needs where we need to fulfill the most fundamental levels of needs before aiming for a higher stage (from psychological needs, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization). If the basic is not nurtured and fulfilled, the feeling of emptiness and lost take place and you will be demotivated in reaching higher goals. That’s why in Counseling, client is encouraged to understand and work on his/hers needs before focusing on the bigger issue.


my love2

Cherish every single moment you have. Owned it.


That’s what I can see in my friend now. She has stopped her attempt in searching for the right guy. Instead, she left her old scars behind, start focusing on herself by watching her diet, groom herself, have fun with friends and enjoy doing things that she love. In the end of the day, it seems like the ‘right guy’ comes, knocking her door, waiting her to welcome him in to her life… *wink*


I feel life is miraculous. Don’t you feel so?
It keeps on giving hopes to people who believe that there is light in the end of every tunnel.

For instance, when you thought that all good guys (girls) are dead and you have no hope in finding one after so many attempts, God thoughtfully choose the right one, put him/her into a box, wrap it carefully with your favorite present paper, finalize it with a ribbon and carefully deliver it to your house. He even rang the door bell before he left the present. Haha.. I know it sounds so much like a children story where you find your present under your Christmas Tree in the next morning. Well, that’s how I visualize my friend’s and mine situation… =P


my love

My ‘present’ under the Christmas Tree =D


I truly believe in this blog post title, where ‘love comes when you are ready’. Also, love happens when you start to love yourself before sharing it with others.. =)


If you have something to share about your love journey, please share with us. I truly believe that every chapter of love and relationship is a gift for self-discovery and personal growth. Write to me at curryegg1[@]gmail.com.


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P/s: Always believe that there is light in the end of the tunnel. Have faith =)