08 March 2012

Super Nervous First Maths Formative Exam!

I couldn’t sleep well since the last two days, before 7.3.2012.

I was very nervous because the first school formative exam fall on the 7th of March and my Maths paper was on the day. The feeling was like allowing your child to ride on the bicycle for the very first time. You will worry whether will they fall? And if they fall, what should you do? Should you pull them up? Or let them to stand up on their feet by themselves? What if they hate riding a bike after the fall and never wanting to try again? And what should you do if they are too good in it and requested to ride a motorbike instead?


There were so many ‘what-if’ questions the night before 7.3.2012 and I ended up not knowing what to do, except praying to God for whatever He think is the best for all these children and me.


The very next morning, I was inspired to make posters for my 3 Maths class students (I still have this spontaneous ability which have pros and cons.. =.=). Initially, I didn’t know what to write to my students. Should I write as a message from the teacher (me) or should I write on behalf of them? After taking nearly half an hour sitting in front of my teacher’s table, I saw my hand with a black marker pen in it started writing animatedly. Teachers who passed by my table which was located at the back of the staff room were curiously and came near me.

One of the teacher surprisingly asked, “Tan, are you going to teach later?”

I smiled, looked at her and replied, “No lar. Just writing a few words for the students”.

“Wow… You know, you don’t have to do such things to them. I’m afraid they wouldn’t appreciate your effort”, she replied and left after I returned her with a smile.

She could be right and wrong but that is not my main concern.
So, these are my posters for each class. 1Sp2 is the best class, 1SP3 is the better class and 1SP4 is the good class – in term of Maths performances.


I don’t know how much my students appreciate and understood the message from my motivational posters. I don’t know even if these posters work. What I actually want most is to show my moral support and motivate all of them who have been working hard throughout the 3 months to give their best in the 1 hour with 38 questions paper. To those who didn’t even do and turn in my homework, these posters will remind them to work harder after this because there is a Maths teacher who care for them all the time *fingers crossed*



Did you spot my infamous dinning room clock? >.<

I pasted 1 poster in each classes on the whiteboard and made them read aloud together with me before the exam begin. I even placed my emm… house’s clock in front of the classroom with the hope that they can keep track on their time because to answer Maths questions, one  really needs good time management.

Hahaha… I STOLE CLOCKS from MY HOUSE, could you believe it? =P

So, the exam begun at the dot of 5.40pm and the corridor were full of bags, books and surrounded with the sound of the winds. I had never seen the school in such a quite state when more than 600+ students were in the buildings.



I adore seeing my students in such a serious mode. I could see they were trying their best and attempted each questions quite well.



While waiting nervously for the time passes, I walked along the corridor and snapped a few photos:

student4 The school has the best sunset scenery

student5 student6

In the end of the exam, I have students who came and told me how easy-peasy the paper was. Next, I have students who told me they knew the answers and I even have students who frankly told me, “Susah lah cikgu! I sure failed one. Matilah ku”.


The student in brown and yellow shirt (on the most right) was smiling because he told me that he could answer the paper.. I hope he is right =)

That is how my first experience as teacher, seeing my students fought in the battlefield. Also, it is my first time being scolded by my mum for stealing all the clocks from home. Lolx…


P/s: Ranjeetha (one of the 50 Teach For Malaysia Fellows) found the idea of  pasting a poster to each class is a good idea to motivate students and she might do it tomorrow. Let’s pray for a good effect for these children =)

P/s/s: Now, it is time to mark theirs papers.. aja aja fighting!