26 March 2012

Sad =(

All my comments have been eaten by Disqus when there was frequent switch between domain and blogspot url link (from blogspot to curryegg.com, from curryegg.com to blogspot).


I wish to spend some of the times fixing errors on my blog. However, the Diploma in Education assignments, school work, paper work, lesson planning and curriculum activities are driving me crazy.


I hope to blog more often but I can’t. Every time when I decided to face the laptop screen to type my assignment, my brain became empty and slowly I saw double (and sometimes triple!) of the images. My shoulders are aching and my face is attack by pimples *sigh*.


I want to maintain (at least) my passion in teaching but then, I am not sure how far these physical and mental exhaustion will lower it down. Well, I will try my best to complete my assignment by this midnight (till morning) and let see how far I can do.


P/s: I am an active player of ‘Draw Something’ at facebook lately. It is a result of the tiredness and low confident in answering the Take Home Exam. It is my way to keep me awake but ended up wasting time =.=