16 September 2012

Thoughts In The Flight

I am sitting at the most corner at the back of the plane together with my parents while writing this on the flipped grey in color plastic table. I am thrilled and excited with this family trip to Tawau since many months ago. In fact, my excitement has been triggered ever since the suggestion to have a family trip at Sabah being brought out by dad.


I love Sabah,  and I always do. The idea of natural and greenery environment catches my heart most. I still remember how my trip to Kota Kinabalu 3 years ago was fun, touched and memorable. It was a moment that I do not need any electronic devices to accompany me, except my camera. It was also a moment that I was living closely with greens.


Looking at the ‘cloudless’ scenery from the plane’s back window has caused my heart beating furiously. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking the camera’s shutter button while at the same time, admiring every ‘group of clouds', or the enormous South China Sea or the appearance of nicely shaped islands. When I say nicely shaped, it means artistically beautiful Smile


I have not been in such a state for a long time where I could relax and innocently enjoy my surrounding. Or like what the meditation term explained, being just or being in the moment. I guess, I have reached a point where I am at the higher stage of meditation because my mind just purely enjoying what I am seeing, hearing and feeling with no cognitive activities taken place.


Ok lah., Maybe I did lie. I have not actually reached the higher state of meditation as I am doing lot of thinking at this very spot I am sitting, even now when I am blogging, I am actually thinking.


Well, I just enjoy this moment with no worries over chasing the syllabus or pushing my students to finish up PBS, or stressing up with administration work, or forcing the minds to come out with creative and strategic ideas to execute my lesson plans.


Today and in these few days, I just want to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of Tawau. I placed little expectation on this trip because I want to discover this new place by myself without Googling and asking anyone about it. It is like going for a movie without reading the synopsis. So, we will see what I will discover in these few days.


Some random photos I took with my webcam while still on the plane. Haven’t done this for a long time.So, bear with me. Lol..







Wish you have a good weekend Smile