14 September 2012

A Happy 25th Birthday.

Well, I think my blogpost title should be written as ‘An Awesome 25th Birthday’ instead of using only the ‘happy’ word because, I did have an awesome one! ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I have ‘upgraded’ my age with new number. Till now, I still couldn’t believe that how fast time has past and I am back into square one again, embarking another historical journey of my life. Isn’t it miraculous? It creates a feeling of reborn that inspire me to start all over again to make my new age more meaningful and purposeful.

And, it is a great start by receiving this unexpected gift from Calv, a day before the actual date.

birthday1 OMG!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I see this!!?
Calvin Seet drew another masterpiece and this time on my present paper??



Isn’t it unique and lovely?!!

I admire and fall in love with his creativity and sincerity though it is a combination of 8 pieces of A4 (new and recycled) papers with cellophane tape sticking them together.


Initially, he was worried that I would be unhappy because he didn’t wrap the present traditionally with proper present paper. Well, seriously  I love this more than commercialized present paper because artwork means sincerity, sincerity means love, isn’t it?

What had raced my heart even more is THIS:
*pointing at the following photo of mine*



It’s a Bamboo!!! OMG!!!

I couldn’t believe it even till now that I have a BAMBOO!!! It’s a drawing tablet for art-lover. Google if you want to find out more about it as I could sense that some of you are feeling weird that it doesn’t turn out a bamboo tree but, a flat black device. Lol…


I love Calv’s thoughtful present so much. He knew I love drawing, sketching and doodling. Throughout the year, he has observed my interest and passion in sharing my art with family members, friends and blog readers online. Besides, he always heard that I made art stuff as teaching material for my students. With the hope to expand my creativity and bring my passion into a higher level, he did some researches before buying this tablet.


Here are some of my latest masterpieces in my purple journal (I named it my purple journal because the skin is purple!).

A doodle that I did inspired by the Teach For Malaysia’s Mission at the back of my name card.


Discovered my niece’s photo album with fairy theme. It has reminded me of my childhood, thus I sketched it in the book.


I always feel loved and lucky to have such a considerate, loving and caring partner. The moment when he told me that he had actually prepared my birthday present a week earlier before his flight has melted my heart. He was worried if flight delay happened, he might be late to give it to me.. *touched*


Well, I couldn’t ask more from him as he has always given his best, all the time to make me happy, including this precious dinner at Umaiyah on my actual date.


Japanese food is rarely his favorite because he dislikes raw food (like salmon sashimi. how can!? so nice right?) and seaweed. Despite of his personal disinterest, he still took the effort to smile and forcefully said,

“Let’s go for Japanese food. I loooooovee Japanese food”.

Well, little things like this matter most to me. Probably to most of the girls too.


With my favorite bouquet of roses in my hand while wearing my new hot red dress, my birthday ended awesomely. Of course, the night wouldn’t be perfect without my charming partner ;)


Thank you dear for creating me such a memorable and sweet birthday. I know, it will be a good start of the year for me. May God always blessed you with good health, wealth, loves and wisdom. I love you!


In the meantime, please look forward to my new creation using Bamboo ;)