08 January 2013

Inspired By FB For Making A 2012 Review

I had written my 2012 Review for almost a week in Facebook and I think it is best that I just CTLR+C and CTRL+V here. It is the beautiful memories that I wanted to share with even if you are not in my Facebook ;)



2012 has been an amazing year. Never had I thought that it will end so quickly! What had happened yesterday was like a dream, so beautiful and meaningful.

There are so many 'first times' I encountered throughout the year 2012:

- First time having my own room
- First time being a teacher
- First time helping Calv in house moving
- First time being a DSLR user
- First time receiving salary
- First time treating my parents on expensive restaurant
- First time making doodle notes
- First time cooking for Calv Seet
- First time owning a Bamboo device!!!
- First time being crazy over Instagram (Follow me @curryegg !)
- First time having an iphone as present
- First time meeting a long-lost childhood n NS friend
- First time squeezing out all my creative juice for creative assignment.
- First time seeing my students’ drastic achievement in academic and attitude
- First time buying 24 books in a month!
- First time paying for my passport.
- First time having birdies photography session
- First time flying to oversea with Calv


Me and my TFM collabs in our traditional attire.


One of the activities that my students enjoyed the most ;)


My DSLR and I!


Sorry. Not Halal. By the way, this picture was ‘stole’ from his photo album =P

birthday4 That is the exact reaction when I unwrap the present and saw the word, “BAMBOO!”

frenshot Birdies + Baby panda!

thaiMy pancake at Samed Island, Thailand~

Of course, there are other down 'First time' such as:

- First time crying in front of the students
- First time being so lost and down
- First time not blogging for 100 days!

Well, I am thankful that my good 'First times' are higher than the opposite one ;)

Of course, not to forget my highlighted first time:
- Being *cheated by a bunch of friends and relatives because of Calv.
- Being proposed under such an unpredicted circumstances
- Being hold by a ring
- Owning a custom-made diamond ring
- Having face so red and warm throughout the week!



Oopss.. Ok. Pretend that you have not read and seen this picture so that I can tell you more in details by continuing my Love Story Part 3.

Oh... and first time receiving so many blessing and like from you guys in FB! Thank you.

2012 was indeed an adventurous and eventful year that i will never ever forgotten. Thank you for the year and I am ready to jump on my new 2013 chapter. I know that it will be my legendary year and I shall reveal the reason day by day, till I do my another end of year reflection again.

Happy New Year and let's turn our 2013 as our canvas and be an artist to paint the way we want it to be!


Special thanks to:
My parents, Calv's family, my best buddies, TFM friends, LDOs, principles, teachers, students, students' parents, blog readers and you. You guys have played an important role in my life. Of course, you.. my dear Calvin. Love you all ♥