18 September 2015

Our Pre-wedding Photo Collection

I noticed that I haven't gotten much of the chance to share my pre-wedding photo-shooting journey till I browsed the album and my blog. It has been 2 years since then! "If I don't share now, later when I grow chubbier or older, people won't believe the person in the pictures is me how?" thinking out loud to myself.

So, I carefully picked a collection of photos that I love the most. I thought I should stream down to Top 10... but it is so hard. Ended up, I picked 40+... Sorry lost count. Pardon me if it caused your page loading longer than it should.

Before sharing the photos, here are some background of when and where we took our pre-wedding photo in case if you are interested and some of these can be a reference. I know how much research a bride (hopefully groom) will need to do when it comes to photoshooting. I can share more of what I had prepared before all these turned. Well, lets keep for the next blogpost as it can be long.

We signed up with a small bridal shop somewhere in Thailand in year June, 2013. The package was RM1999 and overall cost which includes transport, tol and other misc is less than RM3K. All of them were taken outdoor and we focused mainly in a Thai palace which has turned into a museum and the beach. Both of us love beach so much! Lastly, all photos posted here are original without any editing.

First style (My Disney Wonderland Dream)


Style 2 (The Thai Prince and Princes)
I should have more of this collection but don't know why I only pick these 3. Anyway, all of them are my favorite!

Style 3 (The Drama-ness In Red)
From the photo, I feel like I was doing a magazine cover shooting. Lol.. It is good to feel that way when you are taking the picture for better effect (in my opinion) =P

Style 4 (The Korean-ness)
This was actually part of our free-gift because the staff made a mistake in taking the attire for us. We were not happy but the replacement was to take a free new style - why not?
There are more but I also just picked 3. This time, Calvin look so cool!

Style 5 (Temperament in a relationship)
Although I didn't really like the way my hair and make up was done, I like the chemistry between both of us when we took this 5th style. We were more natural - probably because we were mainly being ourselves. Haha...

My favorite!

Style 6 (The Usual Us)
This is the last and also a more loving one where Calv started to show his romantic side when sunset took place. Lol... T-shirt and shorts are the best attire so far as they are loose and allow winds to go in. Haha...

When it comes to pre-wedding photo-shooting, one of the important things that both should have in order to take a beautiful, and memorable photo is the ability to enjoy the experience together. Without the joy, there will be no chemistry between two couple. When there is no chemistry, the photos taken will not be as lively as it could be. Besides, you might not enjoy what you are seeing at the end of the session.

All the best to some of you who is about to take pre-wedding photoshotting! You both will look great!