12 September 2015

This Is How We Communicate

It is nearly 2 years since I am married to Calv.
Wait.. let me count again.. yes. 2 years.

Up till now, I still feel it is a miracle to me on how this relationship begin and develop. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning next to this man, I will look at him, smile and think to myself, "How lucky I am to be married to him". Well, I don't normally tell him this although I know that being verbally expressive means more in a marriage. I (and maybe him) prefer to write or give quiet hugs more. Or I like being cheeky to him as part of the expression? Haha...  =P

Today, out of the blue, I asked him through Line messenger, "Among all the *choices out there, why do you choose me?"

And he replied, "Cause I mis-chose? Oh!!! Cause the day was dark and I cannot see properly?"


Then, later in the evening he posted this:

Haha.. I do appreciate his sense of humor and unique way of motivating me.
I guess, he knows me very well that my grit to start something is high but to maintain the progress is questionable. Well, I don't want to blame my typology as an ENFP but part of it... is true. So, he is trying a harsher strategy to motivate me instead of being nice (I still hope you are nice to me k?)

That's how we usually communicate to each other. Annoying but loving at the same time. It somehow reminds me of my relationship with my dad. My dad like to tease and joke too in similar way. Now, it makes me wonder on what people say, 'the daughter will find a partner who is similar to their dad's characteristics'. Then, I wonder, will my child find someone in the future who is either like the dad or me?

Haha... it is funny to think that way.

Photo taken in Hawaii, Feb 2015.

I miss Calv and I hope the reunion time will come fast so that we can kacau each other again.