14 March 2009

A Big Wow To Law Conference 2009

Law... sounds so strange to me..

As I am not a kind of girl who is aware of the act and law. Well, I mean I know the existence of laws and acts in Malaysia but I just don't bother much about the contents. I just feel like it is boring, so formal.. That's why I didn't take Sejarah (history) subject after my SPM. Not even interested to become a lawyer although my mum did suggest me.

Anyway, after attending the Law Conference 2009 which was held in Law Faculty 2009, University Malaya this morning, the idea of ignoring law and act dismissed. I have realized that I should really take serious precaution if I still want to be Curryegg in the blogosphere for another few more decades. Or else, I might just be a broken egg - any minute from now.

P/s: Curryegg is my identity in the blogosphere. Thus, I am trying to protect it by following the law. Will that help? Emm...

As what I can see, the awareness among the Malaysian bloggers about the do's and dont's in blogosphere is still very low (included me as well). This is the reason why this conference is organized in order to build the awareness among the Malaysian bloggers and I shall really thank to the organizers and sponsors for making this event possible.

Right now, I should really aware of my writing, photo grabbing, linking page and video sharing. There are so many acts out there and I should really further my studies in law. I guess, it is time to make a new course for blogging. It is a part of the media and communication, isn't it?


Thus, NO MORE:

Photo grabbing - accept if you give credits to the owner
Copying others content - accept if you the link the author back
Video stealing - stealing is bad. Again, give credit to the owner
Using others trademark - or you might be sue


Keep your copyright - as you don't want others steal your work.
Moderate your comment - you're responsible for every comments


All of the sudden, I feel the pressure in blogging. The limit of speech..
So scarrrrryyyy.... >.< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 153, 0);" size="4">

Oh my God!

He looks smart.
Haha... Serious. Luckily Suresh managed to recognize him, or else I might miss the opportunity in grabbing a few pictures with him. So Kruel, it is time to change your profile picture. Haha.. XD

Besides Kruel, I was blessed to be able to meet Diese (the lovely friend), Joshuat, Suresh, Flyguy (finally met the flying guy. Lol..) and Soon Seng.

I had a great time with them.
Thanks guys. You guys are so nice. Can't wait for another meeting.

Photo link from here.
P/s: I am practicing here. Lolx..