08 March 2009

Self-Control Ain't Easy

It isn't easy to control yourself when you are too addictive over something.
For example drugs, chocolate, novel and ONLINE!

I find it hard to stop myself from entering the online world. I just hardly stop myself from signing into all my networking accounts. Hate it!

Not to mention that I can't stop myself from blogging neither.

Anyway, today is a good start as I manage to stay away from my computer for 12 hours. 12 hours isn't easy and I know you can feel my situation (if you are an internet addict too).

MENTAL NOTE: Another 7 assignments to go. Ganbatte!

Do you have any suggestion to stop myself from become an ONLINE addict within these few weeks or months? Do share with me. I need 'medicine' to cure my 'illness'. Lol.. Ok. I mean it!