04 November 2009

The Soon-To-Be Laksa Boys

I always believe in males are good cooks, like my grandfather and father. They are terrific cookers, never have to look at the menu for steps nor follow the suggested ingredients. Sometimes I wonder how do they create such a marvelous dish without much guidance? Unlike my.. emm… *censored*




While I was cleaning my pictures file in this laptop, I came across with this album: Days in My Hometown. I had captured something interesting which is about the soon-to-be laksa boys. Lol..


From left to right: Mac, Kenny & CJ


Kenny’s mum has just opened up a new family business at her house, not far from my garden. It is such a great news to me because she is into food business and specialize in selling laksa noodles. Maybe you haven’t heard of this but make sure you remember starting by now: Penang is famous with laksa noodles!


DSC03684This is Kenny (Thanks for the free laksa meal! Can I have one again? =P)


- CJ -


-Mac - (The ‘good’ cousin)DSC03683


If there are such a group of handsome guys being chefs will be a great waste. Why? Because most of the chefs work in the closed kitchen, aren’t they? Lol..





Please, I mean drolling for laksa.. =_=




Guess what, they make good laksa too (these 3 boys). Well, it is pretty easy actually because they just have to fill those noodles in the bowl with onion slices, mint leaves, cucumber and finally with the hot soup. If you like ‘keropok udang’, you can put on the noodles. Oh dear.. I am so, so so so so hungry.


Looking at these pictures has made me missing my hometown, again. Dammit. I still have 4 papers before I can go back and have a dozen bowls of Penang laksa. I have just finished my very first paper, 3 hours ago and it wasn’t that good. I have forgotten some of the points.



Sigh.. I should study now and stop looking at these pictures… Hungry.  =(