16 March 2010

A piece of pink paper

This piece of pink paper is not just a pink paper.

It might look like a piece of paper to you but it is actually not just a piece of paper.

Ok. what the egg am I talking here? o_O



If you realize that I am not updating my blog as often as before, I think there is something you need to know about me (emm… no more cancer topic k? I know some of you are complaining about how I shocked you to death. If I did, forgive me. Lol..).





Last February, I went to the Dong Zhen Temple in Jenjarom with my coursemate, Aileen. Like always, it is a breath-taking experience whenever I stepped into this wonderful place – from the way they design the landscape, some interesting Chinese and Chinese-translated proverbs and quotation, the atmosphere, Buddha teaching and etc.


The best thing about this trip is… I gain new insights.





One of the insights I received is from this piece of ‘pink paper’. This is what they call, ‘prediction’ in which you pray and voice out your question, hopes or wishes in your heart. Then, you just have to pick a provided scroll from the box.




Well, this is what I call the modern way of getting prediction. Unlike in the olden day, or in fact in most of the Chinese temple, you will have to use some kind of ‘complicated’ objects (which I don’t know the name. sorry) to get your prediction.




I believe, you might be curious with… what’s so special with this pink scroll? Or some of you might be started asking, what does it tell Ms. CurryEgg?


Well, all I can tell you is.. it is an important wake-up call for me. A serious message which I should keep in mind throughout the whole semester, year and in fact.. my whole life.


Wanna know what does it tell me?


Ok. No more guessing games. I know you are starting to get frustration. Lol.. bad me.


“It is asking me to put plan into action. No more daydreaming nor silence planning because I will most probably end up not doing anything. What else? Well.. the rest will be my secret.. shhh… sorry guys..” =P


1 piece of paper, with 20 Chinese characters answer almost everything I wanna know. Don’t you think Chinese is amazing? Now I regret for not studying Chinese during in my primary school. Thank to my papa~


So, what is the end product?


Ms.CurryEgg is focusing in her studies ever since then. She pays serious attention into her assignment, test and homework (not yet for revision. Gosh!). At the same time, she is working on her ‘dream’ which can’t be revealed yet, not until the time is right… =))



Fun time! I miss fun time!



Sorry guys. Studies is still the main priority in my life – for now. Because I want to be a professional counselor.


*wink happily*


P/s: If you can’t get rid of your curryegg.blogspot.com egg-diction, you can always send me ‘hate mail’ in my gmail. I ensure you, I will get back to you asap XD