05 September 2010

4 Awesomesauce Birthday Cakes With Candles.

As you know (or not), I had just had my 23rd birthday in the past 5 days. It falls on the 1st of September.


I had a really great birthday celebration with all the lovely people whom I treasured so much in my life. I had been surprised over and over again, and I worried I might get heart-attack sooner or later. wei… CHOI! I’m just joking (bout the heartXtack)


It was seriously an astounding birthday celebration and I don’t know where I should begin and how much I should cover. There are so many things I wanna share. It might take a day or so to blog a complete story. phweeett….


So, I’ve decided.


I am just going to show you my 4 awesomesauce birthday cakes which I received on the same day. Long posting will be schedule on next coming post. I know you have been waiting for my updates for so long. M sorry :(


Here you go.



#1 A slice of chocolate cake from Jane

kelme #2 A hot plate of Curry Pizza from me


#3 A mini chocolate moss cake from May (correction: it’s from all of the girls)

birthday4 #4 A box of special Big Apple Sushi Donuts from Eric <3



They are so lovely, aren’t they?

Don’t you feel curious and that trigger you to find out more? About my story? And my feelings and experiences?

Trust me, your head is nodding in agreement. Hah!




So, see you in coming post! =D


P/s: If you are asking how many different cakes I had on the same day, the answer is - 6