28 September 2010

Presenting Paper At Seminar Kaunseling UM 2010

It has been a week (almost) since my last update in this blog. Time flies (my favorite quote). Scary!


I was busy in the past week, preparing myself for paper presentation with my other group members at my faculty. It is our very first, big event my Bachelor of Counseling has ever conducted. Other colleges and universities were being invited to attend our Counseling seminar. As I’d told you, it’s B.I.G!




Not wanting to miss out such a big opportunity to share something we had done previously with students from other institution, I registered my group members and myself to be the presenters. I don’t know what had actually triggered my excitement to be a presenter. I seriously don’t. Maybe, the urge to create another memory for my final year has encouraged me to be one.


So, last Saturday was the BIG DAY for many of us. My group and I had presented a research which we had done before in last 2 semesters regarding to a topic about the visual impairment student. It is an action research that involved 2 rounds of interview, 2 round of observation and 1 intervention. You can read about the story behind the research in my last year post: here.


 conference3      photoftheday32


The presentation was a success. We managed to receive and answer several interesting questions regarding to our research.  Fuuhh… kinda nervous you know.




By the way, I am grateful to have a bunch of lovely coursemates who were sitting and listening faithfully throughout our 20 minutes presentation in the freezing hall. All these photos were taken by a coursemate, and her name is June. Thank you dear! =D 





What happen next after the paper presentation?


Haha.. More photograpy moment of course! Everyone was looking fabulous and charming in the seminar. Even D-chin (one of my male coursemate) turned up to be an Elvis-wanna-be again. It’s such a waste that I didn’t snap a picture with him.









In the end of the day, I realized that I am into this research thingy. The interest for research is slowing developing in me. Who know, one day I might be an international researcher? Well, make it a nation one first.. =P



This is what I called, the ENFPs.


So, forgive me for my inconsistent update. I have to choose studies first before leisure, right? Hugs.. miss you guys so much. How I hope I can own 48 hours a day!