12 September 2010

Where Have I Been?

Ni hao =)


Currently, curryegg is exhausted with her packed schedule. She has been in a 3 days in a row trip at different destination and have no time to rest, yet (but still can facebook and tweet, lol).


I will have a good night sleep after updating this post, I swear *with guilty expression*


I am still in a regretful mood actually as I had done another careless mistakes, again this morning while on the trip to Pulau Gula with family and cousins. Guess what, I had accidentally pressed the ‘Delete All’ button while browsing my photos in my camera.


So, all my photos at Mamak’s house and Island trip (which was yesterday) has gone. ALL GONE! Siiggghh… How careless I am! I hope I have really learned the lesson and do no mistake again in future *serious face*


Because of the incident, I have persisted to upload all the data in my memory stick into my laptop before hitting the bed as I don’t wanna loss anything in future, again! Not a chance!


As much as I want my photos to be safe in the hardisk, I want my blog to be updated safely too (obviously, that’s an excuse). I wanna update about myself with the help of 2 photos, showing where I was and what I was doing.




So, here. I was at Pulau Gula, a fishing village at Perak this whole day. I have taken lot of photos around this place to replace the terrific loss of my previous album (again, blame my mistake).




Sorry that you will have to wait a little while for the full story of Pulau Gula as I seriously need to keyboard off by now. Treat them as appetizer first k? =)


Wish you have a great Sunday!