01 October 2010

Accept Finite Disappointment but Never Lost Infite Hope

For some reasons, I feel down and disappointed with myself. Maybe it is because I am not trying hard. Or maybe, it is because I am giving excuses. Or maybe… I am giving up too fast.




Whatever the reason is, I just want to allow myself feeling down for a moment. There are some reasons which I can’t share here publicly. However, there is a photo which can resemble my thoughts. It was taken yesterday when I was doing my morning walk at a park.




It is a leafless tree which I thought it will die anytime as it had been in this condition for more than weeks. Surprisingly, miracle happen when I spotted new buds are growing at the tip of the dry stick. I guess the tree has decided to stay and move on despite of the challenges it faced.


That is how Martin Luther King’s quote “we must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope” comes into mind.



If the tree has decided to move on after the big struggles, why can’t we? So, don’t worry about me. I will only take a while experiencing the down moment which I believe I shouldn’t ignore. After all, this is one part of the learning process, right? =)


Wish you have a wonderful start of the new month. It is Friday and I am looking forward for something adventurous in near future =D