06 October 2010

Not being able to online for 4 days..

…and I’m depressed.


There is so many things I need to complete and without internet connection, my life is a mess. Well, not that serious la but that has seriously affected my normal student life.


I can’t find e-journal anymore. I can’t receive nor send email. I can’t tweet and facebook. I can’t SPAM my friend’s facebook walls. I can’t watch youtube. And one of the most obvious effects is… I CAN’T BLOG!!! =__________=


Now I wonder, how do I live without internet? Thank to lousy Streamyx service. I can’t receive my monthly paid broadband services (going to place my complain in the coming days). Hope that thing can back to normal after this.


Anyway, I have faith in myself that I can survive for at least another couple of days without internet in my house because I still can get my daily dose in the library. Thanks God. Amitabha.


Just a quick update about my current activity. I am busy finishing my assignments as deadlines are approaching. At the same time, I am paying the library handsomely with full commitment, hardwork and love in doing a research for my thesis writing. Yeah. Now that you realize how hardworking an eggie can be. Cool right? lol..


I shall update this blog next time whenever there is a chance because my laptop battery is going to dry off soon. Anyway, it is time for dinner too! =D


See ya folks!