11 October 2010

iTalkWhoa With Great Offer!



It is good to know that Hari Raya is not yet over because I just celebrated it yesterday with a bunch of Malay coursemates and Bruneian friends at Dibah’s house (a sweet, lovely lady). I know I know, Hari Raya should be over by now.


However, the feeling for raya is still there, the holly month has actually ended.

Well, not for me of course!


I’m still enjoying my Raya House visit as must as anyone else. See the fun we have yesterday =D


raya1 Dibah, me and FOOOOD!! She made them with her roommate. Amazing right?

raya2 The lovely ladies and Brunei style cookies =D

raya3 Makan moment!photoftheday40 My lovely coursemates and I

Me in green baju kurung =)


My endless excitement for Raya must be related to italkwhoa too, one of the Malaysia strong platform which is still offering special benefits to our dear Muslim friends in conjunction with Hari Raja Aidilfitri.


This is what the italkwhoa users can receive by this month!



Commencing on 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010, all iTalkWhoausers will be able to enjoy 20% ADDITIONAL talktime. This talktime will be automatically credited into your account if you activate/reload your iTalk cardfrom 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010.

Refer to table below for a gauge of how much extra you will be getting :)




Extra Talktime









Not only that, the additional iTalk credits, can actually be used to purchase online contents on all TM sites listed below (games, songs, man united and even newspaper content) The amount will be deducted from iTalk - as simple as that. So just make sure that you have sufficient credit to purchase them :)



· HyppTunes (www.hypptunes.com.my)

· E-Browse (www.ebrowse.com.my)

· B-SmartXpress (www.bluehyppo.com)

· Gamezone (www.hyppgames.com.my)

· MUTV online (www.hypp.tv/manutd)



So, go get your reload cards now and top-up before 31st October 2010 :)