31 May 2012

Doing The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Thingy

I used to tell Lakshumy, one of my very good Indian friends that I will do Bollywood dance in her birthday or future wedding together with my other Counseling coursemates. I said that during at 2010 Deepavali celebration at her house.

I didn’t know what come into my mind with that crazy idea. Maybe it was because Ilyana (my Singaporean coursemate aka the drama queen) was there and she activated my craziness side. I don’t really know how to do Indian dance but I can learn and do it publicly IF there are a group of people who do the move too. I am a very shy person, so.. ya.. =P


What happened was, both Ilyana and I did the move in front of Lakshumy. She was laughing out loud, included Shu Huan who was in the room too. Since then, Lakshumy had introduced me to her family by saying that Kelly will be the dancer in my future wedding ceremony or she could do Bollywood dance cutely.


Oh my. I feel like digging a hole and hide my head there. Lol..


Guess what, if I really have to do those move on Lakshumy’s big day, I am going to pull Jane in too because… SHE IS REALLY GOOD IN IT! LOOK!




She was doing the ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ thingy and she looks absolutely gorgeous and professional. We even thought of making a movie because of her professionalism after we came back from the photoshoting. Besides, here is another proof…


And this…


Isn’t she just awesome?
Hah! I have found another good team member besides, Bei Shan, June, Shu Huan, Adibah, Ilyana, Kit Yen and Rani. Ngek ngek.. Welcome on board, the new Bollywood dancer!


P/s: Shall we get ourselves nice, shinning but not too expensive Sari?

P/s/s: If you have not seen those wonderful photo collection of Jane, head over to this link.

P/s/s/s: She wouldn’t realize this post until 1 week later. Lol.. I can’t wait to see her expression when she online again XD