28 May 2012

Long Awaited Holiday

Hi guys,

How are you lately? It has been almost 2 months since curryegg.com been updated. Guess, some of you have been waiting so long that your neck has lengthen just like the giraffe? Haha.. well, I am translating the popular Chinese phrase into English. Sound weird tho.

I don’t know how many of you are still reading curryegg.com when the author herself (me) barely find the time to sleep, let alone blogging. I hope you are still with me. If you are still here, please leave a comment or click like on the facebook to show your existence (hope it is not a big request from me ^_^)


Well, this time, I purposely take a long break for myself from the blogosphere due to the consistency of exhaustion. As you know, I am currently a full time teacher-cum-student. The responsibility is skyrocketed ever since I enrolled myself as a Teach For Malaysia fellow. I have never expected the stress and exhaustion will be that high, tougher than working in the hospital I would say.


My words might sound negative but don’t get me wrong. I love my job and I enjoy what I am doing currently. What I need now is a long full rest to replenish my energy. I need to rebuild my stamina after a straight 7 months of hard work. Yeah, since October 2011 till yesterday. I still have 2 assignments need to be finished up before 30th May. Well, I will try my best to complete it by tomorrow. Puff..


Anyway, I have started reading English novels from my collection!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Finally! I love reading!

Honestly, I have been using Bahasa Melayu in all my teaching and common conversation with colleagues and students and I know my English mastery has deteriorated. It’s bad and I know I should  pick up. I was born in a Chinese family background with minimum English usage since I was small, unlike other banana friends. So, to be excellent in English, it requires excellent hard work from me. Well, God knows best.


I am going to end this post with two latest pictures of mine during Teacher’s Day. It is a huge event for me because it is my first time celebrating Teacher’s Day as a teacher. Hah! Call me a teacher =D



This photo was taken during Teach For Malaysia week during April. I can use this photo safely here because we have received their parents’ approval. Weeeeeeeee! First time with non-mosaic faces =D


Some of the presents I received from my lovely students. They are a few who gave after the event. I am touched no matter how small or big the gift is *sob*

     teacher1 Me and Ranjeetha (TFM fellow).


I will not promise any future update after today because I don’t wanna put any stress on myself or make empty promises. Ever since become a teacher, I have this principle of,  Do What You Can, Do What You’ve Promised.

As for now, I officially declare that curryegg has 2 weeks of maximum holiday with family, friends and herself! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….


Happy holiday to all the students and teachers in Malaysia =D =D =D


P/s: Currently, my plan is to have no plan at all. Yay!