31 May 2012

Shaolin Naughty Attempt

I attended a training today with Frog Malaysia and it was seriously an amazing experience. It starts from the title of the training itself, Exploring Sites Beyond Classroom. Teach for Malaysia and Frog are collabrating for the benefit of students, teachers, parents and school.


I shall share more about this in my coming post because I would want to highlight some naughty stuff I did during in the training (when the session hasn’t started lah. I am still a good student besides a great teacher. lol).


After months of teaching, I finally got the chance to play with my webcam. You only got to play when you are free. So, here I am with my light-and-easy-mode. It started with a very pure idea of taking picture of myself.



However, as soon as I realized Brian and Andrew were in the screen as well, my brain started to do some naughty noises. As you can see, Brian on my left in this picture has just got his new haircut. So, what I did was…. trying to point at him.




But then, it wasn’t fun to just pointing at the person without any message or remark.. so… I did this…



But the writing wasn’t clear enough, so I edited and become this….



It was a great idea to color the words with pen but then, the model start to move around because the discussion had started.




Not giving up, I made another attempt. The other model, Andrew started to talk too. So, I don’t find it successful. So, I took another photo with myself drawing closer to the camera.


The result was good. The word is clearly seen, my expression was natural and the models were quietly seated. However, I feel something is missing. I realized that Andrew wasn’t as ‘Shaolin’ as he appears to be. He has too many hair compare to Brian.


A light bulb idea came to the mind when Joyce and Kugahn suggested to change Andrew with another eligible person, and he is……




Giles, my own LDO (Leadership Development Officer) in Teach For Malaysia. Lol… Both of them are so alike and truly a Shaolin Master. Yiieeeeeeeeaaaaaakkkkkk!!


P/s: Am I a naughty girl? No.