20 June 2012

One Piece Oishi Green Tea Collection

Before I decided to drink them all up, I should take good photos of my new One Piece green tea collection bought by Calv last week at Thailand.


The packaging are adorable and attractive – probably because I am a big fans of this anime? Or it is because of the ‘person’ who bought them all the way from Thailand? Haha.. well, I say both ;)


From the left – Sanji, Zoro, Yusop, Chopper, Luffy and Robbin.


Aren’t they adorable? =D


Especially the pink one – Chopper! Among all the 6 packages, I love this the most. Chopper is one of my favorite character in One Piece. He is simple adorable <3



Another reason is because, the box is pink in color together with pink straw! Guess what, with strawberry flavour. Emm… now i wonder how it will taste.



Ok. Finish showing off my thoughtful gift from Calv. Now, it is time to sleep. Good night everyone ;)


P/s: I wonder when will I ever finish them because they are simple adorable and special!

P/s/s: Any One Piece fans here?