30 July 2012

Confidence Lies Behind The Sweet Smile

Of late, I have been so ‘un-paisheh’ (thick face or tak malu in local terms) in asking my mum, “Mummy, how on Earth did you give birth to such a beautiful daughter? Any secret behind?”.


I don’t know what makes me feel so. Probably I have been attracting too much of love to myself using Law Of Attraction by showing gratitude with whatever I see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The power is magnificent that whenever I look into the mirror, I will tell myself, “You’re so beautiful” ;)


Psychologically, this kind of self-talk is healthy as it is a source of building higher self-esteem (I still remember my psychology!). However, I am still not very used to complementing  myself in such a way. It could be most probably because I am born an Asian. Self compliment is still very rare among the community.


Well, there is nothing to worry about because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I think I’m beautiful and so are you ♥


So, for a the new week:

Let cheers for an empowering new week from a beautiful girl with a sweet smile *super boh pai sheh mode* ;)




P/s: Preparing for a new week and new month with bolder and clearer Big Goals for each of my classes. We are going to work relentlessly in achieving our goals that aligned to the vision and mission. I need a good amount of time and energy to work on these. For The Kids #FTK. Wish me luck!


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