03 July 2012

Love Saves Me From Fears

Lately, I am constantly being attacked by the feeling of fears and worries which I could not control by the brain. I have tried to use all the knowledge which I’ve learned from Law Of Attraction, but then.. it fails somehow. Well, I truly know why because my mind was tired and often it was distracted with my pessimistic thoughts.


I am facing crisis with my work at this moment. Some students started misbehaving in the class while at the same time I am handling the overloading of paperwork. Probably these are what causing me to feel lost at the moment. Teaching is really not an easy job (but with faith, it can be a rewarding one). I didn’t know how to handle till yesterday, I decided to take a break and place myself into another perspective – so that I can see another angle of the problem.

    Decided to nurture my inner child with Baby Panda on my hand ;)


Well, things are better when I decided to nurture myself while finding a good solution over my fears. However, my effort was not as strong as gaining the support from loved ones, especially from my partner. The power is overwhelming and it reduces the fear in me almost immediately when Calv insisted to call and discuss over my issue.


Although, the conversation didn’t solve much of my problem, but the feeling of knowing someone is always there and care for me cure the frightening heart. Thank you dear. I’m blessed to have you.




So, things are much better when I woke up this morning, breathing in the fresh air while listening to the bird chirping happily. I am happy that I am still alive and able to witness the beauty of mother’s earth in the town area. Besides, I am thankful that I could still plant some seeds in people and make a little different in their lives (I know I have and will still doing it).


Don’t worry about me folks. It is just another adventure of mine when my roller coaster is moving down. I am sure it will come up again in no time and do another 360 turns that will catch your heart and scream in excitement for me.. So ya, just stay with me and see what I am capable of to make your heart goes wild with my experiences *confident* ;)


Oh.. by the  day, I have already drafted a story that related to this picture. Didn’t manage to finish the post beautifully, so I decided to postpone it to another inspiring evening (or midnight).




Probably will share it by tomorrow morning. Have a good Tuesday my dear friends. Visit me again!