04 July 2012

A Love Story Of Mine [Part 1]

“Hi Kelly, I wonder what will be ur response if I ask u for a tea?”, a conversation box suddenly popped up while I was surfing my Facebook page.


The above phrase has been edited after being corrected by le boyfriend. Well, he knew what he had typed best =P 

It was an invitation from a friend, named Calvin Seet and it was his second time asking me out. Initially, I was kind of reluctant because we have not seen each other though we chatted many times in the past 3 years to discuss about Facebook games and casual chatting. It took me some times to decide before I replied him something similar like this, “Hi Calvin. That will be great :)”.


My love story begins from this food itself.



I mean, we had finally met up at a mall (Midvalley) on a Friday evening and dined at Pasta Zanmai for dinner. We chatted throughout the dinner but unconsciously, it turned out to be more like a counseling session =.=!!


I couldn’t blame myself for switching on my Counselor’s Cap while having dinner with a new friend because that was how my brain had been trained when I interned as a Counselor for 5 months. Plus, he first appeared as a stranger to me and the conversation was basically about his stress at work. So, that’s what happened. Haha.. what a funny first met up.


The met up was pretty normal and I was glad to make another new friend. He seems sincere and genuine. Besides, he is willing to share his experiences so that they could help me in my career in future. So, I thought it will be great to put him into my friend list.


We did not contact each other after that for about a week or so. Both of us were silent until we chatted again in Facebook. He confessed that he felt I was too polite and courteous. As a result, he thought he was rude comparing to me.


It was all because of my shyness and ‘professionalism’ (as a counselor) I guess. Lol.. He remembered how I wouldn’t eat when he was talking, how I cut my pizza into small small pieces, how I munched slowly and how I dropped my right earring, took it and waited to put it back onto my ear when he was not noticing. When I read all these details, I screamed to myself, “HE KNEW every little detail no matter how much I tried not to appear obvious!!! What kind of person is he?”


Then, we laughed together at our silliness and continued being friends ;)

There was a time where I asked if I could call him Calv instead of Calvin because I have too many friends with the name of Calvin, Cavin, Kelvin and Kevin. He agreed and even changed his Facebook name into the name I suggested – even till now.. *happily blushed*


We went for a second time of dinner in the second week of July June and this time, I could sense something was different between us. We were more natural to each other, laughed out loud to each other jokes (basically to his because he had a good collection of funny grandma’s jokes which were very entertaining), no more work sharing stuff (as he didn’t want my counselor persona to come out again) and enjoyed our meal.


Guess what, we spent 3 hours and 10 minutes before we finished our food and drink. I couldn’t believe it until today! I know I am a slow-munching-eater but I had never ate for so long! There should be a free ice-cream for each of us but we had forgotten to take it. Or else, we might take another 1 hour to finish it =P


Ever since the second meet up, we become closer to each other. We sms-ed, emailed, facebooked, chatted on the phone and met up more frequently. He even invited me to his hometown, Malacca and offered himself to be a local tour guide. Since I was on my ‘graduation holiday mode’, I took his offered and invited my best buddy whom I’d never travelled far before.


It was a fun trip and I enjoyed the time where the three of us spent together. We went for good local food and places we had never visited before. A big thanks to Calv.

photoftheday57  Took this at a private beach on a window glass.


After the Malacca trip, he invited me for another outdoor activity but this time, he did not want to tell me the location till the day itself. He said, he wanna surprise me. So, I accepted and soon found out that we were heading to Pulau Ketam as soon as we were in the car. I didn’t know why I was so daring enough to accept his surprises but one thing for sure, I trust him from the very beginning.


So, we went together and had another wonderful, funny time together. To my amazement, he did research on everything, including the ferry operating time, tourist spots, type of food and duration of journey before we set off to the island. I am touched with his effort and feel safe somehow. Like, I knew he wouldn’t eat people.. haha XD




From the Pulau Ketam outing, I’ve learned more about him. He was pretty humorous guy who can make you cried while laughing. LOL…



However, I did not know that he can be romantic because after that Pulau Ketam 1 day trip, on the very same day, he invited me for a dinner. He said that he will bring me somewhere nice. He was sure that I will enjoy the place and snapped a lot of pictures because, he said “You’re a blogger. I am sure you would want to blog about that ambience place'”. Besides, he even asked me to wear something nice and comfortable before fetching me back home from Pulau Ketam.


Now, to think about it.. it was actually part of the excuses lor because….

now3    At Bumbu Bali, Puchong


He confessed his feeling to me and ‘proposed’ me to be his girlfriend with a bouquet of beautiful pink and purple roses on his hand while waiting at the staircase. He PROPOSED!!!?? No! I mean, the way he gave me the flowers and his opening words sounded like a proposal.


At one point, I was thinking, “Today is Valentine Day kah? No… My Birthday? No..”. Seriously, I had never expected anything more than a friend (or so soon) because, well.. we knew about each other just nearly a month and I didn’t know my feeling yet.


I didn’t know how to respond to his unexpected confession when both hands of mine were holding his flowers while he was confessing his feeling to me, accompanied by a list of sentimental English songs. All I knew was my face turned out to be hot as a result of over-blushing effect >.<


In the end, I was some sort of ‘rejected’ him because… I was in dilemma and I wasn’t sure if I am ready for a relationship. Plus, I was seriously shocked! I had never expected such a romantic scene would ever happened to me and I wasn’t prepare for it. Things were so normal when we were at Pulau Ketam few hours ago, and things were 360 180 degree changed when the night took charge.


I told him how I felt and he understood and gave me time to think about him before the night almost ended.




Again, I went back home with serious heart-pounding and pinkish cheeks effects with 12 roses on my hand – but happy with the time we had spent together.


To be continue.