31 October 2009

Halloween And I

Today is already Halloween Day and this has reminded me about my first Halloween celebration with Kevin. I keep on saying, how time flies.



It is like, today we are playing face painting using grandma’s white powder and aunt’s red lipstick, and tomorrow we are in  different countries, sending emails to each other describing our Halloween celebration. How ironic.



I am a Chinese and I don’t really celebrate Halloween Day. In fact, I ‘celebrate’ Hungry Ghost Festival. Emm.. It is not that I celebrate but  it is more like a prayer or an offering.



Last year was seriously my first celebration since Nuffnang & Maxis organized a Halloween Party and I received free 2 tickets from Suresh. Thanks again, how generous of him. Never had I thought of I will attend any Halloween Party, wearing something weird. If you wish to read more about my last year Halloween Party, go here and here.



The fun thing was, Kevin who has good experience with Halloween Party gave me generous advice on what I should wear during in the party. We attended the party together with our thick make-up and funny customs. Those lipstick spots on my face will never be forgotten.



What had happened last year is a memory for today. I am glad to have such a sweet memory with both Kevin and Aunt before they leave to US. Gosh, now I miss them. Hope that they are doing great with their new life there..


My Halloween Look For This Year:



So, are you asking about my Halloween this year?  I should be paying my visit to one of the Baskin Robbins Ice cream stalls in KL with Orange custom to get a 30% off ice cream. Sigh… If only if it is not because of my final exam which starts on next week, I will definitely go for it..




Why there is such thing call exam? It kills creativity and innovative man.. *giving excuses*


Emmmm…. I should stay in the locked room with books, books and only books after this. Boring. Waiting Casper to save me out.