21 October 2009

Which Canvas Is Mine?

I know I know.


I know most of you are waiting for the photos of my canvas, my so call ‘masterpiece’. If you have been following my blog and twitter for quite some times, I believe you will still remember the canvas which I had mentioned before this.


If you have missed out a part of story about it, you can read it here. Don’t worry, you are not missing that much yet. But make sure you don’t miss my story again. Lol..


Yesterday, the 2 days mini art gallery has just ended and I managed to snap a few pictures on it (although not much). So far, it was a good experience. Yeah. Anyway, I will elaborate my story in details about this art gallery once you play this tricky games of mine.







Let’s make a guess on which artwork is mine? Before I point out the masterpiece which I had produced in the pictures, come.. Make a guess. There is no fun if I can’t see wrong answers.




P/s: Of course, ‘those’ who know the answer are disallow to play this games. Let’s keep this as a surprise shall we? =P


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