21 June 2011

Love Me

For the very first time of the month, I find myself unable to sleep. Well, it was normal to face this situation in the past 2 months when I was struggling with my academic writing. But now, when I have no commitment at all?


Ok. Not to say ‘NO commitment’ at all.


I probably understand why there are changes in my sleep pattern today. I am nervous with my unfinished slides (stuck somewhere) and the idea of presenting my paper in an International Conference on Wednesday (tomorrow!). I saw a few of my lecturers’ names in the schedule and I will be placed with my respected lecturer, presenting in the same room. Whoa…. that’s the ultimate heart tester. Wait, what am I talking about? I should be proud.


I guess, I am worried that my topic is too ‘rare & cold’ that no one actually wanna hear my idea, making the room empty. Or, there might be a big crowds which I might not be able to handle with endless questions from the experts. Can’t help but having these negative thoughts and I just wish to do ‘self-therapy’ here at this hour. Lol… excuses.. =P


By the way, it is fun to see dad snoring at the living hall while I am still sitting at a corner, doing some writing here. This has reminded me about this photo which I created for him, specially for father’s day :)



My mum is so lucky to be blessed with a considerate, wise, happy-go-lucky and charming boyfriend =D


I just simply love my dad (and of course mum too) for whoever he is. I feel blessed to be born in this family. They are wonderful parents who always care and love me no matter how good or bad I had been. They are the people who always accept me – for whoever I am though there are fights and quarrel once in a while. That’s the beauty of relationship I have with my parents *love*.


Alright, it’s time to continue my preparation again for the conference.. *amitabha*


P/s: Currently listening to Yiruma’s ‘Love Me’ clip. I find myself awe at his masterpiece once again. I can feel the beauty of love when I’m listening to this song. Thx Calv for sharing this :)