14 June 2011

Kids Are Creative

I still remember, years before this when I was completing Dr.Diana’s homework, I did explain on why I want to work with children and family population when I become a counselor in future. The reasons are pretty simple. Children are cute, genuine and innocent. They don’t need to cover themselves with masks to please anyone. However, these innocence and originality are easily ‘contaminated’ by the environment, especially by adults’ expectation. Simple examples like, parents will make children to color apple only with red, being disciplined to sit quietly even though they want to run around and wear certain selected color (pink for girls, blue for boys) from the wardrobe.


Of course, when it comes to teaching and learning, children should be taught in a proper manner in order to shape discipline and obedient persons. But sometimes, adults might not be aware that creativity and expressiveness of a child are restricted under such environment. Well, I am born in such a family background. So, I can pretty understand the limitation when one is growing up. I think, I can be another da Vincci or Piccasso if my parents and teachers are like Dr.Diana – do whatever we want as long as it is safe and not harmful. Lol.. just joking. Be a curryegg is better =P


I guess, having such understanding about originality, genuiness and creativity, I admire my own nieces and nephews sketches. Ya, serious! Although they are simple doodles, I awed at their own artworks.





I love the way they approached me when we were all gathered at my grandma’s 75th birthday at a restaurant last month and they went like, “Kelly jie jie (which in fact they should call me ah yee or aunt), you see you see! Nice or not?”. One of them will jumped on my laps, another pulled my hand to win my attention and another one just non stop talking. Well, they are 4 of them starting from the age of 8, 6, 5 and 2.






Their drawing are simple yet original. Believe me when I say this. Most adults (not even myself) is unable to draw something like this if I am to give you a pen and paper now. You will mostly draw a very straight, fine line of a house in a general and accepted way because in reality, they look that way. Or in another word, everyone should draw that ‘standard way’.





I don’t really understand all these creativity and originality stuff until I learned from my lecturers and my courses. Thus, now I am a fans of children’s uncontaminated drawing. Well, it is true.



From Ping Kwan – 5 years old


From Guan Rue – 6 years old


Another sketches by Guan Rue – 6 years old

family16 Shing Ron – 8 years old


But these are not just the reasons of why I want to work with this population. They are some other reasons that actually intrigue my interest. Well, share next time if there is something I can relate with in future posts.


P/s: It is good to keep some of your childhood drawings because they are the most original work we have ever done without inserting others’ idea into our masterpiece. Mum has thrown away all my sketches before I turned 7. So, no more… =(