17 June 2011

Special Moment With The Birdies

Seriously, I am still excited with yesterday event.


Although I got headache at the moment while blogging this, I still wish to blog my wonderful moment (while it is still fresh in mind) which took place at Milwaukee Steak House, Seri Kembangan with these 3 lovely ladies last night. It is a celebration for Shu Huan, for her 24th belated birthday celebration.




By the way, we called ourselves birdies in 6 during back then. How come we come up with this name? Well, you can head over here for more idea. Sadly, another 2 have returned to their countries – Singapore and Brunei. Or else, we will be complete :(


I visited my internship place again at Hospital Kajang during in the morning and had a great time with my supervisor, a new intern student (my junior!) and my patient. It is good to be back again, updating about each others, refreshing my counseling skills and share some of my internship experiences with my junior. Also, to say ‘Hi’ to all the staff in the Psychiatry clinic. Oh.. even the guards in the hospital as well. Surprisingly, they still remember me! Ok lah.. i was not away for too long, like 2 months? =D




Time flies without me realizing it. I met my last patient for termination session before leaving the place. At first, I thought he will miss the appointment as his mother informed that he is not feeling well. However, she changed her mind and made another call to the clinic, informing that she will bring him to the session because he insisted. I was touched by the commitment.


What I feel touched even most is when my 12 year old patient purposely brought his digital camera with more than 10 extra batteries to the room. His intention was to snap picture with me… *ahwww*


Luckily I am a person who always bring camera around. Close friends of mine know that… =P


Somehow or rather, my counseling session was like an art class (but I don’t teach). This is called Art Therapy where you draw and share whatever thoughts that cross your mind at the moment. Children love this activity and you can see the creative side of them.



After some thoughts, I think it is better to cover up my patient’s identity.


As the clock hit 5.30pm, I left the place and immediately fetched my gorgeous friends at the station. Plans on how to create a memorable birthday celebration for our dearest Shu Huan were discussed along the journey before picking her up at work place. Thanks to SH’s bf for cooperating with us. Ngek ngek….


Probably you might not think of this where I asked both my friends to squeeze and hide at the passenger seats, so that Shu Huan will not be able to see them – and thought it is only me who have dinner with her. The whole process was seriously hilarious and I was like a crazy girl who talked and laughed alone while driving. I hallucinate. Lol.


intern15 A random photo I took when both of them were squatting down at back seats. muahaha.. XD


As soon as we reached and got her, I asked, “Shu Huan, I need your help to take some stuff from the back seats. Can you help me?”. She obediently followed (though she was confused) my request and right after she opened the door…




She yelled and screamed all the way. Lolx… I did record this in video and will edit it. Probably I can come up with a special clip soon… *evil laugh*



Bravo girls. We did it!


We ‘intruded’ her rented house which look like castle. The 3 of us started mumbling about Rapunzel, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast, Tumberlina, Mermaid… Mermaid? Lol.. it must be from bathtub. Haha…


It took us at least an hour to walk out from the house successfully. Laughter and noises companied us along the way before reaching the steak house which we agreed on. Ok lah, I lied. Actually, our laughter and noises grew greater as soon as we get a place to sank ourselves. Well, 2 ENFP, 1 ENFJ and 1 INFJ are passionate enough in making a new place like home. Or because… We are birdies? =P


The taste and presentation of food at Milwaukee Steak House are not bad. Moderate mark I will give. But high rating for the service. One of the staff, name Pearl is especially friendly. I am grateful for everything she has served us ^^




I think we occupied the place for nearly 2 hours++. If it was not Thursday, I think we might want to spend a longer hours. Seriously, it is not easy to get the 4 of us (not to mention 6) to meet each other ever since the final semester is over. Everyone is looking for job now and will settle down soon.






No more play but work. Can I have both?


Throughout this whole celebration, it is not the ‘birthday reason’ that I care most. The priority is on the quality time we spent, connecting and enjoying each other presences and souls when we are being together. Call me a sentimental person, I don’t mind because I am a person who truly see the beauty in friendship and relationship – especially when I have found true and genuine good friends who I can connect well.


intern7   intern10   


Life is not just about what material things you have (or probably not at all). It is also about how deep connection you can make between yourself and others. Besides, it is about what you have gained in this life. I might sound ‘innocent’ here but this is what I believe in – friendship, connection, love.


June had been to Taiwan and Thailand and she bought us presents! At first, I thought it was Christmas and Santa June finds Kelly a good girl. So she has presents! =D






Bei Shan and Shu Huan have reminded me about a photo which the 3 of us had taken long time ago, during our first year in campus. We went to a prom night for our 3rd college event. We look like this 3 years+ before.


curryegg26 copy Click here to the past



Wow.. We did change and it is our hairstyle which are very obvious. Guess we have grown up? Lol… Btw, I think I shall keep my hair long after this.


So yes, I love my birdies friends. Thank you for always being supportive, caring and loving. By the way, I am happy that I have presents too though my birthday is still 2 months away *hint*



Wish you a Merry Christmas. Gosh, I mean Happy Belated Birthday Mommy Bird~