25 July 2011

The Definition of Kelly

I was at a gift shop and found a stand of keychain with various names when I was in Australia few days ago. Luckily, I found ‘Kelly’. Well, it is pretty common (but beautiful name!). Guess what it says?




Devoted, kind and warm-hearted, her qualities and charms are unequalled, her smile can touch your very soul, never under-estimate her as she is a constant source of amazement, overflowing with zest and energy, she enjoys life to the fullest, for it is the only way she knows.


It sounds beautiful and somehow, true to me too. I find myself enjoy life very much, even just a simple, small thing with nature or people whom I cared and loved. Guess, this is one of the reasons why I always have things to blog in these 4 years+?


By the way, I am not too sure with the statement ‘her smile can touch your very soul’. Maybe my smile does touch someone’s heart, like yours? Did you? =)




I love my name so much. Thank you dad~

I wonder, is there any Kelly who is reading this too? If yes, do let me know. We shall be proud =))


P/s: I can’t find the name ‘curryegg’. Well, I seriously think that they should find the definition for this name too.