27 July 2011

Simple Effort Creates Simple Happiness

Yesterday, I have earned a lesson that a simple thing can create simple happiness. So real, so genuine. In fact, I know this simple fact of life. Just, it feels so good to experience it, again by myself (instead of reading and listening from others).


More than often, we are so paralyzed with the idea of getting the latest, best, branded stuff in town to make people around us happy. Example, like getting them a pair of Jimmy Choo's shoes, hot-selling LV bag, expensive 5 stars restaurant, Audi R8, iPhone or etc. Thank to the power of advertisement that work so well in creating such a picture in our minds. It is sounds like, if you don’t have them, you are not happy.


Well, I did think so. I feel that if only if I can get stuff with certain standard and criteria, only I am able to  impress and make them happy. That is why, I always have this desire to earn the best amount of money so that I am able to pamper my loved ones someday, including my parents, partner, friends and siblings.


I thought I am not capable of creating any happiness in others at the moment, because I do not have strong buying power. After yesterday incident, my thought has changed.


It is all because of the bowl of mee suah soup I made and the precious smile I received that have enlighten my mind. It touches my heart and unconsciously teaching me the meaning of real happiness with minimal involvement of money, but with great amount of care and love.



Not the one I made but look something like this. Photo from link.


This has reminded me of all the people whom have treated me well throughout my 24 years including my grandmas, parents, aunties, uncles, siblings, teachers and friends. Each and every effort they have made for me, like making meals for me so that I won’t get hungry, provide me shelter so that I can have a place call home, accompanying me with jokes so that I can laugh when I am feeling down, punishing me so that I know what is right and wrong, and fetching me to school so that I can have a promising future.


These small little efforts are what actually making me happy all these while, and not those shinning bags, silky dress or cool gadget. And, I am happy that I can actually instill happiness in others too with my simple effort.


Just a scene of seeing someone you love, sipping noodles joyously, enjoying every drop of homemade soup and ending the meal with a smile of satisfaction makes me happy. As simple as that with no condition apply. I am grateful to own such a beautiful moment at an unexpected hour… =P

Now I understand why my aunt, grandma and dad enjoy cooking. Because, it can be an addiction to receive another priceless expression again, and again. And I am good in it too (cos I love food!).


Like this -----------------> =D


P/s: Btw, don’t get me wrong. Money is still an important element to sustain life. My point is, we don’t have to spend much to make someone happy. Forget about the price tag and look for sincerity and love.. =)


P/s/s: I have the urge to sing, “It’s not about the money, money, money, we don’t need your money, money, money, we just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag” – Jessie J