29 July 2011

The Breathtaking House in Perth

If you are aware of my last few posts, you will know that I just came back from a trip to Perth. Yes, Perth! Australia! =D



Sorry folks if you have been waiting so long for my updates. I was busy with some personal stuff before getting back into my writing on my Australia trip. There are hundreds of photos of them and trust me when I tell you that, it took me a day to figure out which location should be blogged first.


So in the end, I have decided to begin with my first stay at my mum’s friend’s house which is located at a rural, hilly area in Perth.


You will be amazed with this place. Like, seriously!




So this is the house, a view from the outside. Guess what? They have their own car garage with automatic door. In fact, most of the houses here have car garage like this to keep their cars safe and warm.


Here are some of the photos on how indoor looks like. The interior design portray a warm and cozy design. I like it.



First living hall




Grandfather clock =D




There are second living hall and dry kitchen, which are my favorite spots but sadly, I can’t find those photos in my hardisk. Probably I have forgotten to capture them with my camera? Aiya *knock my own head*


Well, I can’t blame myself entirely for the mistake because there are too many places to be focused in this house. I heard that this house has more than 5 hectares of land? Well, no idea but for sure, this place is super huge!


I am more interested with their garden (or should i call it an orchard?).




This is their private corner for barbeque. Ahhhhwwwww…. barbeque! I can have my morning tea there if it’s not freezing out there.




Not to forget, the house’s guardian. His name is Golddie. Initially, I was so afraid of him. He is huge. Really huge and I nearly see him like a bear. Lol.. It took me some times to place down my fear and get close with him.




Thank God. He is friendly to all of us, the newbies. He has this ‘English look’ with beautiful, soft white-in-color fur. Aunt said, it is a pure breed of Australian Golden Retriever and has been trained by professional dog trainer at young age. No wonder *nodding*


I miss him. Really. He is so adorable.



One thing which I can’t forget about Golddie is that, he leaded me walking around ‘his house’, as if like he is the owner of the house. Or.. a tourist guide? He will wait me by slowing down his pace when I walked too slow and until I almost reached him, he will increase his speed again. I feel safe for being taken care of.


Ahhwww… so lovely. No wonder I love my doggie in Malaysia so much =)




Obviously, my dad loves him too. Golddie even entertained my dad. Lol…


By the way, this place is amazing. I feel like I can do documentary on every objects I spotted,  like National Geography or Discovery. The trees, flowers, herbs, lands, stone and even the sky are beautiful.





These tall trees are call ‘Bad Boy’. Funny aren’t they? Haha…


Mum and her old friend.





Ok. Ok. Maybe I am exaggerating my every statement here because it is my first visit. Everything I experienced here might be a bit bias. However, I can’t deny the air here is fresher, and the sun (and moon) here are brighter and rounder! I should show you more prove in my coming posts, especially about Australia’s Sun! Emm.. I mean, sun in Australia =P




Mum was enjoying her trip as much as I do. I can see, the moment she reached this place, her shoulders relaxed and face lifted up with smile. This house is not just breathtaking but therapeutic as well. Imaging the fresh, chilling air with bird chirping on Bad Boy trees. Hey! I spotted parrots too! =D



They even have person cruise in their house compound. Oh dear… oh dear.. That’s seriously cool-some-ness! Emm.. i wanted to say cool =P



The best expression I could do when it was freaky cold outside. I did look pale.


Oh, I think I have forgotten to mention that it is winter season and all of us were covering ourselves with lotsa clothes. I wore at least three layers of tops with thick socks and gloves. Why I was not wearing it in the above photos? Well, I can’t snap photos with gloves. Lol..


It is about 10-18 Celsius at day time and 3-5 Celsius at night. I can’t stand cold weather. Well, called me a typical Malaysian who always stay in summer. I had tried my best to stay happy by staying as warm as possible.. >.<




It is my first winter experience and I still enjoy it though most of the time, especially at night, I suffered internally. No matter how many blankets and jackets I put on, I could feel my veins froze while my bones tickled by sharp knife. Well, I am not sure how to put my chilling experience into words. These are my best description so far.


Anyway, this house is breathtaking! I love Australia and I shall tell you why in the coming posts. Stay tune!



P/s: If there is any winter trip in future, I wanna kidnap my panda to go along and hug me warm. Can? =P


P/s/s: The number of photos I took for this trip is lesser because battery die faster during winter and my body can’t stand the coldness.