02 August 2011

Why Longer Than Ever?

If you are wondering why my blog post update lately takes longer time than ever, here is a good explanation on my current situation. I hope you are not getting too frustrated in losing your daily dose of eggs. I have tried my best =((


First of all, my pink-disk (hardisk) is facing a terrible issue. It failed to function and all my softcopies including photos, videos and academic documents are at risk. I don’t know if the hardisk can still be saved. It’s my half birthday present. Why half? It’s because I paid half and sponsored half by my secondary school friend who are running this business. Lol.. sound complicated.


At the same time, I can’t stuff in any more pictures into my laptop’s hardisk because it’s almost FULLED! And, I have no empty thumb drive to transfer my photos to another computer, so my other alternative is to upload photos from my computer directly into my netbook and blog from there.



So, I am facing a harder time to edit photos on a much, smaller screen. Don’t worry, I have found new solution *wink* =))


Secondly, I am in the midst of re-organizing, re-considering and deciding my career path. The best metaphor to describe my current situation is, I am standing in between of two roads, a T-junction and thinking which road to take. It’s a tough decision because once decided, there is no U-turn or roundabout for me. In other words, there is ‘no turning back’ as some opportunities just come once.


photoftheday20 One of my favorite photos from my album ‘Photo Of The Day’.


So, naturally it is important to do full homework and take a good moment to work with my brain and listen to my heart. Besides, I have my significant others to join me as their personal opinions, advices and supports mean a lot to me.


Hence, lot of brain work is needed.


Last but not least, there are so much to write about Perth, Australia with hundreds of photos I have. I am trying my best to write out as much quality posts as I can before my working days are ruling my life. I don’t know how soon it will be, but I will make sure it will be soon. I can’t stand to be a ‘grape’ for too long. =_=!!


eggie Taken at AirAsia ‘Flies To Perth’ Booth on June for fun.


I need to make contribution and earn some bucks to accomplish my dreams.


So, wait for me folks. You will hear from me again, very soon =)


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