03 August 2011

Raeburn Orchards

One of the amazing experiences which I will never forget during my travel to Perth is the Raeburn Orchards at Roleystone. I will never forget those fresh apples, avocado, oranges and sorbet.





I bet, many of you have not heard about ‘sorbet’? Me neither. It’s a freaky cute snowball! I mean, ice-cream~ =D



But not this type of normal ice-cream.


From what I understood, wikipedia explains that sorbet is a frozen desert, just like ice-cream which made from sweeten water flavored with fruit. You can even find it with wine or liquor. There are various types of sorbet which I could find in Raeburn Orchard.



Fruity types (I regretted for not having enough space for storage in my tummy or else I could test this too. Now, I can’t find it in Malaysia jor.. sob)

orchard7Milky and chocolaty type. Yum~


In commercial packaging too! Love the color =)



Well, the one which I have tried is made by chocolate and milk. The experience of eating sorbet was seriously adventuring, especially when your tongue and teeth were frozen while lungs weaken once the cold wind in the winter passing by the body... o_O!!



My 2nd winter dressing. Now I see it, I feel it’s kinda weird combination. Summer+winter. Forgive me as I am a ‘newbie’ for winter. I was pale as I hadn’t get used to cold weather =.=


Anyway, I managed to finish the sorbet. It’s real tasty, different from those commercial ice-cream which you can get in the hypermarket. Why ya?




Besides sorbet, apples are another big attraction during this trip, especially to my mum. It was terrific to see a container of fresh and juicy apples in a huge container. The owner of the shop planted apple trees by themselves, pluck and sell them directly here. It’s sad to know that these were the last apples or else, we could experience plucking apples and other fruits by ourselves!




While mum was busy ‘robbing’ apples from the container, dad was fascinated with the big size of avocado. Well, he doesn’t really like it but then, he was very much connected with this green-in-color fruit because it looks like.. em.. guava to him. Lol.. XD





As everyone was busy looking at fruits and vegetables in this orchard, I found myself being so overwhelmed by this:


Lol.. Don’t ask me why because, I know you know why.. =P
Well, I couldn’t find any curry product here or else, I can try making Australia curry egg. Hahaha.. XD


These are two good pictures on how the orchard actually look like. It is pretty clean and authentic. I like this atmosphere with free air-conditioning. Best of all, no flies.





I was thankful that the owner of this orchard is really friend. She allowed me to snap as much photos as I like. Besides, she even taught me on how to eat sorbet. Lol.. Thank you so much.




If there is a chance,  I would love to come here again to pluck fresh apples, orange and sorbet. I mean, eat sorbet (in a warmer weather).



Don’t you just fall in love with the sky?



Again, my selected sorbet… *trying to tempt my readers*
Ngek ngek ngek.. Nyah-Nyah


Fast fact: Day time is shorter during winter. Most shops including this orchard and big shopping malls close in between of 5-6pm.