24 August 2011

August Randomness

Ever since I came  back from Australia, it seems like I have no drive to play my camera -pinkeggie. Probably my hormone lately doesn’t trigger my ‘appetite’ to snap photos except, nonchalantly capturing moments using my camera phone - N-eggie.


Well, this entire month I didn’t make much of travel to new places. Most of the time, I choose to stay  at home nurturing my introverted side by reading comic, watching movie, playing games and eating. It feels like heaven for being able to hibernate for a while before working. I enjoy my quiet moments and can feel the simplest joy of both being alone and treasuring my connection with closed ones.


Anyway, I am still able to make quick shot almost every little moment I find interesting with my N-eggie. Like they say, a picture worth a thousand of words.


Here is my August’s collection which I have and haven’t shared in my curryegg’s page. I find the randomness kinda of interesting as each tells a unique story.


#1. A monthly visit to bookstore.
I found these interesting page and book cover.



I heart you.


500 types of curries can be found in this book. Should I learn this and open my own curry stall? Emm….


#2. Woke up at 7.30am and ran 3 rounds at the park.


My tired face after the jog. But someone said I doesn’t look like one. Look more like just woke up from sleep? =.=


#3. Jane’s 24th Birthday celebration at Shogun @Sunway


This is the first thing I am after for – sashimi!!! I was so satisfied and happy for the entire month! Raw salmon. I love raw salmon with lemon and wasabi =D



Again, it tastes better when you eat using left hand. Trust me. Give it a try ;)


#4. Heart capturer.


I am the heart-capturer. Can’t you see it? I’d captured this photo of him and his heart shaped finger while we were playing MapleStory together with Alvin. Lol.. still.. I love this picture <3


#5. Detective Conan!


I have finally able to read his name correctly: Conan and not Canon. This is one of the page that I find interesting. I like the dress =)


#6. He has my heart.





#7. Fun time with my cousin’s family.



Ah boy welcomed me warmly the moment I reached his house. He even kept some of his ‘Angry Bird’ sticker collection for me. Can you see the gigantic red bird and eggs on my netbook? Lol.. Well, these are his love for me and I gotta accept =P



Cousin’s brother make good vegetarian cheese pizza like toast. They taste great and I just can’t stop munching. Maybe someday I can make for my children =)



Teach my 6 year old nephew to play MapleStory Adventures at Fb without his mother’s knowledge. Lol.. what a bad aunty I am =P



The red and pink teams. Aren’t they such a good balance? Haha..
We ate at Lohas and they serve healthy, quality food!


Him, again.


#8. UM Library.



I miss being a nerd. So I visited the library for the last time. Btw, my hair is getting longer. Guess, it is time to keep my hair after 2 years.


9. My new, gorgeous sandal!


They are my favorite pair of shoes. Never own any as beautiful as this. Thank you dear so much for the love! =D


#10. Ginger Bread Men.



Sook Fan who is Calv’s colleague treated us with her homemade ginger bread man. Oh my, they are so cute! Making us not wanting to eat but admiring them. Ahhwww….



We went to a comfy place for good drinks at Starbuck with these 2 lovely cookies. Still, we didn’t want to eat them. Probably we scare they will yell when we start biting *ouch* >.<


#11. Addiction towards MapleStory Adventures @FB



This is one of my favorite level in MapleStory where I can find cocks, eggs, curry chicken and chick hat. And can you spot our pacifiers? XD


#12. Movie with siblings – finally!



It was my first time watching movie with both my brother and sister, together with my cousin. At first, I thought Captain America wouldn’t be that interesting because it is an action and more boyish movie. But I was wrong. It is a great movie with interesting plot and moral of the story. Also, it’s hilarious too! Do watch if you haven’t! =D



A pop-corn for 3 but ended up I was eating alone. Both of them were dieting and not wanting to eat. Gosh, my tummy is getting rounder.. =.=!!


#13. A shopping day with my mei mei.



Nothing much. Just a random photo of me taking at the park. I just realized that those photos taken were in May’s hp.

us Us at Full House. Lovely.


#14. A big bun which is bigger than my head.


I am serious! It cost RM20 for small and RM25 for big. Mum got this for dinner yesterday from Port Dickson. There is curry chicken hiding inside the bun. Not bad.


#15. Drawing while reading.


Well yes, I am doing it again. It seems hard for me to concentrate in reading serious stuff, especially in those that I have no interest with but still have to do. So... I draw. This is my new found love and his name is Da, Pan Da. It resembles someone who has big, round and charming tummy =)




So here are my collection so far. I will come back again with my other discoveries. Do drop me comments too! It has been a long time I have not hear anything from my readers. See ya!


P/s: These are the less quality photos from camera phone. The good thing is, you can see the natural and original side of every photos.