08 August 2011

3 Little Pigs and A Big Bad Wolf On A4 Paper

It was my last day in Penang, when my niece and I had a one-to-one moment at the living hall after having lunch together. She asked for a pen and a piece of blank paper. I gave her and she offered me a story which she’s learned in school.


cute girl


This was how the conversation took place. It’s a children classic story of ‘3 Little Pigs and A Big Bad Wolf’.




Niece: Kelly gugu (which means aunty in chinese), I tell you a story.

Me: Ok. What’s that sweet heart?

Niece: *start drawing 3 imperfect circles with few black dotes*
There are 3 little pigs and they are brothers for each other. One day, the mother asked her children to leave the house and build their own houses.

Me: Em.. hm.. ok. Then?

Niece: The first pig built a straw house. The second pig built a wooden house. The last pig built a stone house *her right hand was drawing those houses out*

Me: Wow.. interesting. So?

Niece: One day, a wolf come. He went to the first pig and say, “pig ah pig.. open the door or I will blow your house”. The first pig say, “No.. no.. you naughty wolf. Go away”. The wolf laughed and immediately blew the house and the house was gone. So the first pig ran into second pig to hide himself. The house was blown by the wolf and both of them ran to the last pig *continue sketching*

Me: Aiyo.. scary lor.. then, then? *making myself interested*

Niece: Yes.. It’s scary. So the wolf try to blow the house but this time, the house can’t be blown away. The wolf climb.. climb.. climb.. to the roof and go into the chimney  and kelly gugu.. guess what happen?

Me: Emmm… dunno oh dear. What happen next? *pretending not knowing*

Niece: hahahahaha… I don’t want tell. Go ask teacher.. *stop drawing on the paper with tougue sticking out*

Me: Uh? Come back.. come back.

Niece: Haha.. Kelly gugu so stupid… 笨

Me: o________O!!
Today’s child is so naughty.




P/s: I think it’s creative to tell story while drawing the objects out. My niece has grown up and I happy to see that =)