14 July 2011

Forget The Past. Look Into The Future

“Forget the past. Look into the future. A brighter road is waiting for you” – Calv Seet.


It is a simple quote which many of us will come across if we are found to be dwelling in the past for too long. I remembered there was a day where I was extremely disappointed over my final semester result. I am so close to achieve the desire result – like another 0.01?




I was in dilemma whether should I request for remarking as there will be risk in losing the mark which I used to have. After giving a deep consideration and seeking for trustable advices, I give it a try but submitting a remark form to the office and waited.


There was drama in between. I was worried and stressed while waiting for things to end.


After 3 weeks, a letter was received and well… the board has decided to remain the mark. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that sad or upset anymore though it means that I’ve lost the chance of applying for attractive RM5000 rewards, a cert and the opportunity to continue PHD straight away. Well, I believe there are reasons for everything. I believe God has better plans for me. The material stuff which I used to want so badly is no longer important because, I have found something even more ‘breathtaking’ – something money can’t buy. Love.


Most importantly, I have tried to fight for my right and do things for myself. Thus, living no regret in future.



I am a person who will look into the past once in awhile to find if there is anything I can gain for my personal growth. The highlight is: I don’t like repeating the same mistake. Thus, learning from history is somehow important for me.  But, I will not let past interrupt my current life because, past is past. There is nothing we can change.


So, thank Calv for your original quote. I have found a suitable picture to instill the quote. Thank Mac for finding me a good angle =)