24 October 2011

Cute Earring Collection

Earring is one of my favorite types of collection and I owned quite a number of them. I find wearing earring is one of the fun ways in expressing the uniqueness of one’s personality. Sometimes, a personality is shown out when wearing the right type of earring even with a plain tee or singlet.



Normally, I will prone to looking for unique and medium-size of earring. I like my stand out earrings but not too dramatic.


Of late, I found these set of earrings at a mini shop and feel proud and happy in owning them. I love the color and the of the design. I mean those 3 set which are still hanging on the brown cardboards. My short bob hair suits these type of earring at the moment but not sure how will it look like when my hair is getting longer.


earring collection

At normal days, I like wearing button earrings.


Aren’t them cute?
I am really happy wearing them ever since I bought them.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I feel so lucky =D


How about you?
Do you like collecting earring too? If yes, any particular color, size or design that you fall most for?


P/s: Oh ya, the 3 pairs of earring which I bought cost only RM10. Good deal!