13 October 2011

Have I Made You Smile?

They say, nothing beats a beautiful smile.
I say, nothing beats a funny look.

Often, I don’t like to admit that I have cute or funny face because that adjectives don't impress me. Somehow, after 24 years of makan nasi dan membesar, I have to agree that.... I do have a very funny that can make people smile.

Playing with my camera's smile detection function. It will automatically snap when it detects smile. I think i look like a retarded person more. Oh my.

I grow up and have this new perception that, life doesn't have to be all serious and dull. Ones should relax and add in some humors in themselves as I believe we have enough stress in everyday life. Bringing out the playful side once in awhile even at the age of an adult (who cares!?) wouldn't do harm. In fact, it allows the happy hormone regulate the body - and you will become more cheerful!

So my question now is, have my funny face made you smile?