21 October 2011

Masterpiece On Water Bottle

A month ago, Calvin and I attended an art exhibition at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) after receiving an invitation from Yi Sin. She is Calvin’s friend who is passionate and love making art.


I have been hearing a lot about her from Calvin and I am glad that we had finally met for the very first time in the exhibition itself. This art exhibition is organized by BROS and the theme is called ‘Cheers 2 Art’.


Seriously, I am always a fans of BROS! I love their bottle design.



What actually attracted me to attend this art exhibition is the involvement of our young local artist, besides Yi Sin herself. I always have the heart for art although I am not in the path for it. For me, art is a way for the creators to express themselves with the use of various mediums. Isn’t it wonderful?



I like this idea :)


And here are the 8 masterpieces which are printed on BROS BPA free water bottles together with their canvas and short description on each work.


bros exhibition trailer


Among all the 8 masterpieces, I personally, without bias like Yi Sin’s work on polar bear. The work is simple but very meaningful.




The message which Yi Sin want to send out is our polar bears are enduring the global warming effect. Their habitat is affected. The article stated that it took 9 days for a polar bear to search for ice – which is an alarming message to all of us.





Instantly, it reminded me about the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ where the whole world is flooded with water. Isn’t it scary? What have we done? And how can we save ourselves and future generation? All those studies from Biology and Chemistry came back to me and I remembered. Gosh! I don’t know what else I can do other than using reusable water bottle, recycle bag and reduce the use of electricity.


So, this is Yi Sin with her polar bear work.


She is such a lovely and friendly girl.
Also, she has a very creative mind! =D




During in the exhibition, Yi Sin personally explained and showed her work to both of us (so lucky!). She told us that besides the idea of the polar bear skating on ice (which I think is already very creative and inspiring!), her design is very special because you can see a 3D effect at the back of the bottle.


bro7  Frontbro9   Back


What you will notice is that you can see a polar bear swimming in front of the ice berg with fishes both in front and back perspectives. She told us that this is a new concept which she brought out and BROS company really impressed with the idea. WOW!

She is even the pioneer of this idea! Good job girl!


You can find her at her website. Check out her work on children books at www.byyisin.com


This was Yi Sin’s booth:

bro32 bro33

I even received a small, thoughtful gift from her. Ahhhwwww.. So cute~


Here are other works done by other ‘Da Vinci’. They are all good too!
I am really impressed and thrilled with their works. Oh gosh.




bro13 bro37





bro26  bro23



bro16  bro18      


Aren’t they beautiful?
I can instantly feel that water that filled in either these bottles taste better. LOL! What am I taking about. Probably you can gain inspiration in each drop you consume. wte =P


Well, I must say, the idea of this exhibition is wonderful and impactful. Maybe, not many care for the message of the global warming effect but I do. Besides, the idea of immortalized all these messages onto attractive and reusable water bottle is brilliant. User will be reminded and encouraged to make the world a better place from time to time. Lol.. suddenly I sound so noble – which is good :)


Probably due to the above reason (besides showing our support for Yi Sin’s work), Calvin bought me the pink polar bear bottle! Frankly, I love this sweet pink from BROS so much. The color of white, brown and pink blended so well and it gives this sweet girlish feeling. Thank you dear! I love it soooooooooooooo much <3


bro34 We are showing the support for our Young Malaysian Independent Artist *proud*

bro35 RM16 per bottle. Special price for visitor who went to the exhibition.


Yi Sin’s signature! So cool!


I think, this concept is brilliant and it is a good effort in sending message to the society about the global warming effect. Also, this is a good way in supporting our local artists’ work. Let’s do something about this.


P/s: I heard, these bottles are limited edition. Probably you can still get them in the selected shopping malls. If you do, please buy and support them! After all, they are too adorable to be missed out, right? ;)


P/s/s: There is a 2nd part of this exhibition. More craft work from other artists in the coming blog post… :)


P/s/s/s: Do share this post around with your friends as I think it’s one of the good ways to support our young local artists. They need more exposure for their hardworks.