31 January 2012

Back To School – From CNY Break

“Bangun….. Selamat petang cikgu”, the class monitor leaded the greeting once I stepped in to the class and the rest of the class chorused together.

“It is good to see them again with cheerful faces”, I secretly thought to myself.

“Selamat petang semua. Bagus, saya dapat mendengar semangat baru yang anda tunjukkan sebentar tadi. Sila duduk”.

Some of the boys were spotted smiling cheekily.

“Bagaimana cuti satu minggu anda. Ada pergi melancong bersama keluarga ke?”, I asked the class curiously while doing ice-breaking with them.

Some replied,

“Tak baik cikgu..”
”Gembira cikgu….”
”Ok-ok je la…..”

When I asked, “Kenapa tak baik dan ok-ok je?”
and they answered…

”Kerana cuti pendek sangat”.
”Ya la cikgu… tak best ahhh..”
“Cikgu.. gong xi gong xi fatt chai ya...”
”Cikgu! Ang pau.. mana ang pau?”

Lol.. these kids… XD


Photo was taken after school assembly.

Frankly, I feel the same too because I barely have a good Chinese New Year break with family members. Those 4 full days of traveling coming back and forth minus my 8 days total of holiday which then left me 4 days of break. I was even exhausted than before as there are still preparation which need to be done during CNY.

Anyway, I am happy to see my students again. They are still lovely though some of them didn’t finish my homework *puff*. One of classes ended up had to bear with my 5 minute lecture where I reminded them about our class’s big goal, the culture of the class, their dreams and their progress. I didn’t mean to lecture my students, but… well… I couldn’t take in when their reason is… “Saya terlupa cikgu. Saya tak check.. Saya tak tahu”. I find it important to make them understand why I am concerned about their work.

P/s: Probably I didn’t give make myself clear in class and I took half of the blame to myself.

Lot of stuff need to be done. I gotta sleep by now as there will be sport practice and co-curriculum activity in the morning (at 8am!) and then, continue with my afternoon session till 7pm.. @_@


All iz well~
All izz weell~~
All izzz weeell~~