10 January 2012

The 25 Smiling Faces at SMK Ampang Pecah

I miss all the 25 smiling faces at SMK Ampang Pecah.

My mind kept on thinking about them although it has been almost a month I left the school. Teach For Malaysia organized a summer school program called Kem Skorlah on last Nov-Dec 2011. We, the 50 fellows were divided into 2 groups and I was being placed at SMK Ampang Pecah for 4 weeks, teaching Mathematic for Form 4.



I would say that I am blessed to be placed at this school with my other 25 lovely kids. Oopss, i mean students :)

They were energetic, funny, sincere and most importantly forgiving. I must admit that I did a lot of mistakes back in Kem Skorlah including called wrong names, unstructured Bahasa Melayu and making funny voice, yet they laughed, forgive my mistake and move on… *touched*

I am not an experienced teacher but they are willing to give me a chance/chances to try, learn and execute my crazy plans. Lol.. Could you imagine that a Maths teacher bring a Panda muppet and taught Straight Line (y=mx+c) in class? Or opened the Angry Bird games in the beginning of the class, handing out Angry bird question and taught Angle Elevation and Deviation? Or telling The Smurf story to teach 3 Dimension and Planes chapter?



If you were there, I believe you would laughed at my students’ reactions. Hahaha.. now I couldn’t stop smiling while recalling their surprised faces. Probably they have never experience a Maths teacher bringing all those crazy concept… they were like… @_@

Oh my.
I miss them and I wonder how are they at the moment. School has started and they are now officially a Form 5 students. I hope they will work hard and try their best in achieving their dreams. Remember your dreams?

My dear A5 students,
If you are reading this, remember that teacher is always here praying for your success. Pay attention in class. If there are areas that you don’t understand, seek for your teacher’s or friends’ help. You can drop me an email or comment in this blog if you need any help. For now, enjoy your school. Miss you and remember our Tepuk A5 ^_^


Again, I Want, I Can, I Will.