04 January 2012

Say Hello To Cikgu Telur

The time has arrived.
Ms Telur is going to teach in another few hours.

I am so nervous yet excited… >.<!

I have done shopping for my new writing tools. Stuff like 6 different color of refillable marker pens, timer, manila card, stick-it-notes, stamps and etc.

Besides, I have planned my lesson planning for 3 different classes which I will attend later. However, there are still doubts of executing the plan because as I have been informed, there will be an orientation session for the new Form 1 students. Indirectly, it means no class will be conducted until it ends.

Well, for the safe side, I just prepare whatever I can, just in case the students come in and I have something to do with them.

Oh dear!
I should be sleeping by now but my heart is pumping really fast. My nervousness can be sensed by looking at how unorganized this post is blogged. Well, I can’t care much at this moment. I just want a corner to do self-therapy so that it allows me to sleep better after this.

Btw, I am a Form 1 teacher for 3 Mathematic classes and 5 Civic classes.
Let see what I will do for my 8 wonderful classes in the first week.

Before ending this post, I would like to share a few photos which were taken secretly by my instructor, Reid back in SMK Ampang Pecah. Thank you Reid for all these memorable photos. I can feel and listen to our passions in fighting for inequity in education - I Want, I Can, I Will.



378141_863317018814_20301771_39585634_439533479_n  382325_10150347884651370_168630896369_8457586_2141750160_n


One day, all children in Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. Yes, they will.. *hopeful*

P/s: Readers, please bless me with your encouragement and positive vibes. I need all of them. Thank you~