07 April 2012

Harith Iskander Teach For Malaysia

In a couple of weeks time, Harith Iskander who is a well known local comedian, director and writer  is going to teach for one day together with the Teach For Malaysia fellows in one of the most challenging schools either in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Negeri Sembilan.


Harith Iskander werking it!



I am so touched with his humble approach and having goose bumps with his willingness to come over to the schools and inspire the kids who come from all walks of life. The kids, teachers and school will benefit from his effort to nurture some planted seeds in the child.

A role model who have gone through all kind of challenges, been there, done that is in good position to become a good role model for the child. That is what I taught back in my Civic classes.


Harith Iskander


Harith Iskander teaches for Malaysia, will you?
Show your love by heading to www.teachformalaysia.org, sign up as a fellow or volunteer. We need someone like you.



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P/s/s: My mum is his biggest fans! Shhhhhhhh~~