15 April 2012

Passion in Photography Since Three

I am always passionate about photography since I was very small. My parents knew about it, especially my dad. It all begins from this very first photo taken by me when I was about… em…. three?

 dadmumedit First attempt – Failed!
I think dad was saying, “Girl.. more to the right.. to the right..”. Lol.


2nd attempt – Better~

I still remember how I cried and insisted to hold the camera and take my parents’ photo because I wanted to role modeling my dad (dad added on that we were at Botanical Garden. Lol.. he still remember when I asked just now!). My dad, who was our family photographer was reluctant to allow me to hold the camera. Well, logically I was too small for sophisticated gadget like that. What if it falls into the water? Or dropped onto the floor? Haha…  I didn’t, ok? I was born as a pro man! =D



I was at this age. My mum was skinny and gorgeous =D


It was a film camera during that era and I was nervously waiting for the result when dad returned from the printing shop. I have good memory back then! Once dad showed me the result.. I was so proud with myself. I jumped around the living hall, showing happily the result to my parents. Ever since then, mum and dad allow me to use the family’s camera – and now.. I have my own baby. Yeay!


Have I introduce my 60 Deggie yet?
No? How can?

photoftheday3My very first DSLR – Canon D60



My first photography adventure using my new toy started from my cousin’s wedding. I was ‘hired’ to help her to capture every memorable moments so that she can keep them for a long, long time. Of course, I am honored to be able to help. However, I wasn’t a good photographer yet (I don’t think I am good even now).




Photo taken by Mac (cousin) and I think he is a pro! *Jealous*

He took so much better probably because I look good in the photo. Haha.. But honestly, I like it. So ya, I was the photographer in red semi cheong sam during that special event. I realize to be a photographer, it is rare to appear in photos. This was the only one I appeared in my own camera  T_T


It doesn’t take long to realize that I actually love taking portrait photos. With my new 50mm lenses, it does wonder. I could create and capture the type of photos I want. Natural expression is what I admire the most. So far, here are my ‘lucky models’… =D














I enjoy looking at how good my friends appear in the photos I took. It brings unconscious joy and pleasure and I still couldn’t figure why? Years before this, I like to see myself in photos. I will stare and observe every part of me whenever I was free. Sound freaky eh? But years after that, it turns out vice versa.


Now that I have facebook, the satisfaction of knowing how my friends like my masterpiece tripled! The more ‘likes’ + comments i received, the happier I become. I don’t know is this some kinds of narcissistic syndrome. Well, I can’t help when I could see my friends liked the photos that I took and edited =D


Such as these:



photoftheday8 family


Personally, I love capturing happy moment of an individual or a group of individuals. Those natural and genuine smiles bring out the inner beauty of the person(s). That is why, I love taking random and spontaneous photos (when you least expected! So beware…) because that is when you capture the best moment of a person.


Unlike this…. =_=



Dad has different interest compared to mine….
That is why, my dad has retired from becoming the main photographer of the family ever since the rise of curryegg.  Haha… Oopss.


P/s: I think I am sexier when I was small compare to now. Why ar?